Who would have ever thought that a stranger will knock on our door in 2020 and enter with stealth precision? A genome that could change the entire world. Something so small and intelligent that it could bring nations to its collective knees. But is it all coincidence?

What is really strange is how the world is addressing the situation from various angles and perspectives. Like a puzzle. A perfect strategy that once could really think of many conspiracy theories if we need to break down every scenario to evaluate and investigate the existence of it.

  • Was It made In Wuhan in a lab?
  • Is it the deliberate work of the Chinese government or is it an honest mistake?
  • Is it the creation of the “Rockefellers”?
  • Is it Pharma manipulation?
  • Is it the creation of the Technology giants?
  • Is it our government?
  • Is it a preparedness strategy for the worst to come?
  • Is it a reset for the treasury to utilize its funding power?
  • Is it a price we are paying for abusing the environment and eating unhealthy food?
  • Is it a Godsend?

You hear these questions from all walks of life. Many believe that this wave will end with the election. My big question is who is going to be your hero that saves the day?

No matter what the causes of COVID-19 are, there is something that remains wholly true: People come together in hard times to overcome challenges. We begin to adapt, we begin to be creative, and ultimately invent ways to survive. Indeed, survival takes over in many shapes and forms.

Without a doubt, some industries are benefiting tremendously and taking advantage of the pandemic. We are seeing profiteering around the globe and the proverbial “rich getting richer.” Some of us choose to focus on those who sacrifice their lives for others. The simple humanity that we see in the doctors who have already lost many nights for their patients. Or the nurses that watch over the elderly like an angel and keep smiles shining behind the masks. Only their eyes speak through the unknown. 

There are more heroes… 

The parents that have taken the extra steps to ensure their family is safe and healthy while creating an environment for their kids to continue life with some kind of normalcy. The neighbors who decided to care for the people next door or a friend who kept the line of communications open. Let’s not forget the teachers who will cleverly find ways to give proper instruction to their students. There’s the social worker exposing their lives but remaining on the job to keep the world running. What about the artists that are reflective of our daily lives and freedom of expression? And, how can we fail to mention the non-profit organizations who are caring for their members and community and are doing an extraordinary effort to feed and alleviate hunger?

There are heroes amongst us performing miracles every day. Who are they? What did they do? What sense of unselfishness they have acted upon that makes our world safer and worth fighting for? How many stories are out there that we may want to share for inspirations? So many I bet.

I serve on the ALO Cultural Foundation board of directors and so glad to see us focusing on supporting all these heroes with our COVID-19 Hero Awards initiative to recognize all these heroes. The ones who lost their jobs and volunteered because they know their time is well spent. They must be acknowledged. In tough times, little rewards can make a tremendous impact. Let us hear from you and share your stories. Tell us who made a difference. Nominate a friend, a family member, your teacher, it doesn’t matter. Let the world know who the hero in your life is and give them the gift that they deserve.

To share your stories, tell us about someone who made a difference, or to support the effort, visit our nomination form today.

Today, many questions remain but for now let’s take a few moments to celebrate humanity.