Captain David Tuckman

David has devoted countless hours as Captain of a Red Cross Disaster Action Team( DAT) that responds to residential home and apartment fires providing emergency lodging, financial assistance, leading responders on-scene on his nights off work. He served as Shelter Supervisor for 3 California Wildfires, Canteen Lead on-site for Newhall Pass Tunnel Explosion & Metrolink Train Derailment, Casework Team for Hurricane Katrina Disaster Relief Operation (DRO) (4 weeks) & Hurricane Rita (3 weeks) and 2017 Louisiana Floods DRO Casework Team, 2018 California Floods Shelter Supervisor in Sun Valley, CA., 2019 DAT Supervisor on the Bug Bomb Explosion Response & Getty Fire Shelter Supervisor.

In addition, he is a Red Cross Youth District Youth Advisor mentoring youth and as a Youth First Aid Team Supervisor where he ensures youth age 16-18 are trained in Emergency Medical Response, CPR for Professional Rescue and youth age 17 to become Emergency Medical Responders and he supervises them on Red Cross First Aid Teams.

In addition to DAT Captain during COVID-19 he has become a Public Affairs Officer and Public Information Officer and provided more than 370 hours worked as Red Cross Media Hotline Officer. David was recently at work as an Immigration Services Officer when he was rushed by ambulance during work when a virus entered his Pericardium outer lining of the heart and he could not breathe. He was in recovery for close to 2 weeks. We’re amazed he recovered so fast. Thanks to amazing doctors he is back with us. We want him to take it easy and take a break from volunteering during COVID-19. We already had a big scare with David. He’s supposed to rest and take it easy but, he feels such a strong dedication to help his community during COVID-19 that he is going back to Red Cross and next week he will be back as a Public Information Officer with Disaster Public Affairs and next month after he’s medically cleared, back on duty as Captain of a Disaster Team.

He is my hero and I would like him to be recognized for all he does to help people.

What other characteristics has your Hero demonstrated to support this nomination?

Honest, caring, mentor, hero, dedicated, inspirational.

Describe the impact of your Hero on a local, regional, national, and/or international level.

Local: youth advisor inspiring and mentoring 100s of Red Cross Youth and leading a response team for home fires and promoting disaster preparedness.

REGIONALLY: Shelter super For California Wildfire Response, a Leader in Planning Regional Youth Leadership Summit, Regional Public Affairs Officer.

Nationally—Mass Care Caseworker for Louisiana Floods and International—he led the Red Cross Youth Delegation for the United National / United States Consultative Session. He was planning director for the Red Cross International Services Institute bringing in partners from Children’s Hunger Fund, UNICEF, Amnesty Intertnational among others.

Is there anything else about your Hero that you would like the committee to consider?

Biography from UNA:
David Tuckman is the former UNA-USA National Young Professionals Chair on the National Council of Chapters & Regions and served as UNA-USA YPIC National Director of Public Relations & Branding and led the National Young Professionals Working Group & National Young Professionals Taskforce. David currently serves as UNA-USA SFV Chapter President & Director of Public Information/Media Relations and UNA-USA So. California Division Secretary. He graduated UCLA in Communications & Political Science, earned his Public Health Core Competencies (PHCC) from Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health & a PDS in Emergency Management from FEMA Emergency Management Institute (EMI). He is, also, a Red Cross Mass Care Supervisor in Los Angeles Region and Territory-1 Captain of a Red Cross Disaster Action Team (DAT). David is, also, a District Coordinator of Red Cross Youth & Young Adult Services where he works with youth in mentorship and leadership development and on fundraising campaigns including Red Cross/UN Foundations Measles & Rubella Initiative. David has been honored by UNA-USA for his leadership with the Global Advocate Award.

David has been a strong advocate for human rights, woman’s rights, the International Convention on the Rights of the Child and an active leader in support of the Adopt-A-Minefield Program, Nothing But Nets Campaign to combat Malaria and the recent Adopt-A-Future Campaign to aid refugee children and families.

David was honored at Congress with the Congressional Award Gold Honor Medal, awarded the Presidents’ Call to Service Award by President Obama & Daily Point of Light Award by President Bush. Tuckman was also awarded the FBI Director’s Commendation for Exceptional Service in the Public Interest. He is the recipient of the National Red Cross Clara Barton Honor Award for Meritorious Service–the highest Commendation in Red Cross, preceded by the Special Citation.

David sees himself as a role model by example who strongly believes we all need to make our world a better place and that we can all find ways small or large to make a difference every day in our own communities.