Sujatha Sukumar a Cytogenetic Technologist

Sujatha Sukumar Working in Lab -Covid19heroawards

Sujatha is a healthcare worker, working as a Cytogenetic Technologist at a diagnostic company. She is a senior citizen, who physically works at the laboratory, and could very easily contract COVID-19. She could have opted for voluntary work furlough. But, she did not opt for that. Instead, she continues to go to work as a courageous and sincere worker. Also, she commutes to work approximately 50 miles each way every day. She is for sure, a Healthcare Hero! I am inspired by her dedication to her work, even under this COVID-19 situation. She definitely has provided a ray of hope to the world. I wish her all the best!

What other characteristics has your Hero demonstrated to support this nomination?

Sujatha is very kind and good at heart all the time. She visited an old lady in her nineties in a nursing home. Initially she sent her flowers and then she personally visited her. This time she took her out on a wheel-chair to make her feel very good. The lady was a neighbor who had an accident before being admitted to the nursing home. Also, she visited another old lady and a neighbor in the nursing home in the past.

Describe the impact of your Hero on a local, regional, national, and/or international level.

Sujatha contributes to the domestic as well as international welfare of human beings. She works on oncology cases, where the samples come from various places involving domestic and international patients. The diagnosis of cancer involves all sorts of complicated cases. It is critical for the doctors as well as patients to receive the results immediately for the patient’s survival. This is why she feels it is important for her to continue to work and help cancer patients. That is the best humanitarian way to go, even under severe COVID-19 pandemic situation.

Is there anything else about your Hero that you would like the committee to consider?

Sujatha is a very well qualified and experienced Cytogenetic Technologist, who worked at various diagnostic laboratories. She has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Sciences with Clinical Genetics Option. She is ASCP Board Certified with CG (ASCP). Also, she is licensed by the State of California. In short, she is really well versed in Cancer Cytogenetics, which helps cancer patients of all ages around the world.