Tyler Ashlaw a Director/Paramedic

Tyler works at Morrisonville Schuyler Falls Volunteer Ambulance Service, he serves the agency as the director. Tyler during the pandemic had the honor of completing the paramedic course upgrading his level of care for his community members. Throughout this pandemic Tyler has scheduled, written plans, rode the ambulance caring for Covid and non Covid patients, dealt with staff quarantine regulations and guidelines, keeps up on all state protocols, provides CPR training to those in need, ensures the agency has the proper and adequate PPE for his staff to remain safe, supported his staff with any and all issues they may have whether that be for a bad call or other, and has been an absolute leader and role model for all to follow.

Tyler also has a job at the local hospital where he serves as a paramedic there again riding the ambulance serving as a first responding front line worker. Tyler has dedicated his times and efforts to help the community to the best of his ability and even at times leaving his family to respond to a 911 call. He also has two small children ages 4&7 whom he provides education and reassurance to in order to help them safely get through this pandemic. No matter what is happening Tyler has been 110% dedicated to his community and family during these trying times, we are incredibly proud of him!

What other characteristics has your Hero demonstrated to support this nomination?

Leader, dedicated, educator, supporter!

Is there anything else about your Hero that you would like the committee to consider?

Tyler is an incredibly hard worker, has never refused to care for his patients even during the pandemic. Tyler is a true leader in his profession and highly admired through his coworkers and community members!