Lindsey DeBaggis a Registered Nurse

Lindsey has traveled to multiple Covid-19 hotspots in the United States. When the pandemic hit, Lindsey knew she had to leave her current position in Florida to travel and help others out in need. She has selflessly left family and friends numerous times to help others in this pandemic. Lindsey is an Emergency Room nurse who has gone out of her way to dive deep to collaborate with fellow frontliners from across the country to help fight this pademic. She has brought joy to her patients by comforting them in their time of need and sometimes in their last hours of their life. Lindsey is an extraordinary, kind young woman who should be recognized for her kind gestures to put others above her, a job she loves and is so passionate about.

What other characteristics has your Hero demonstrated to support this nomination?

The ability to not give up and have a positive attitude everyday despite the stress and work conditions her and fellow nurses faced with shortages of personal protection equipment.

Describe the impact of your Hero on a local, regional, national, and/or international level.

She has taken multiple travel positions to deploy to crisis hot spots around the United States in need of help. Lindsey has helped both in Emergency Rooms and Intenaive Care Units where the sickest patients reside.

Is there anything else about your Hero that you would like the committee to consider?

Lindsey has such a great work ethic, she would work 6 or 7 days a week even sometimes during the height of the pandemic to help the other fellow nurses beside her.