Leighann Bacher

Leighann family - COVID19 Hero Awards

Recently with the shortage of vaccines in Pennsylvania, and the country, Leighann Bacher started a crusade to get members in her family the covid vaccine shot for family members. After successfully getting appointments by searching far and wide, she decided she would be able to help others in her community by creating a “vaccination tip face book page” for Pittsburgh. The group grew quickly, as new members shared the page and the valuable tips available on the face book page. Unbelievably, in just 4 short weeks the group grew to 25K!! Many people are calling her and the other administrators “angels” on earth, and it has has so much success and spread hope for many to get vaccinated.

What other characteristics has your Hero demonstrated to support this nomination?

During the growth of this amazing face book page, Leighann Bacher was able to teach thousands of people how to navigate the vaccine page by demonstrating tolerance, patience, and a will to help others during this frustrating time. Leighann has the heart and knowledge for the elderly who did not have access to the technology to gain appointments as readily as most, and reached out in her community by printing phone numbers, and hot times to be able to get through on these phone lines by printing out flyers to distribute to seniors. Her ability to find the resources to better help people has been successful for so many.

Describe the impact of your Hero on a local, regional, national, and/or international level.

The impact this vaccination face book page has been so rewarding to Leighann. What started out as a small mission, has spread across the state of Pennsylvanian, linking people to like pages started in Philadelphia, and other areas across the state. Information has even reached the states of West Virginia, and Ohio. Leighann’s passion to fight Covid through vaccine assess has been nothing less than amazing. In addition, there were two other mothers who helped to run the page (administrators). As the page grew, more help was needed, and those that now secured their shots were jumping in to help others. The group has turned into hundreds of people helping others, and has grown to at least 35 Administrators that help to monitor the page. Leighann has restructured the page on a daily basis to be inclusive, uncluttered, and easy to use with updated tutorials.

Is there anything else about your Hero that you would like the committee to consider?

Leighann Bacher has taken up the cause of getting Pittsburgh vaccinated while working remotely at her regular job and raising her two children (one doing on-line school). She has managed to organize her career, along with the undertaking of managing thousands of people who have reached out to this incredible face book page. When the shortage of vaccines is passed, Leighann plans to make the page into a kindness page where people can share real life stories, and be able to turn to others for support and friendship. Helping people has been most rewarding for Leighann.