Elise Berger a Registered Nurse

Elise Berger -Covid19 Hero Awards

Elise is an amazing individual. She is a overnight nurse who constantly is putting in her best efforts. She worked at rush hospital during the first outbreak and worked overtime hours to try and help her fellow employees and everyone who unfortunately became ill. She risked her safety and her boyfriends who is a type one diabetic and high risk to help others. She purposely wouldn’t come near her friends to keep them safe but kept working tirelessly to help as much as she could. Now she is back in school for her masters as well as still working full time overnight. She is about to have a straight A semester even. Elise is so deserving of this as she is the most thoughtful hard working person you’d ever meet!

What other characteristics has your Hero demonstrated to support this nomination?

She goes above and beyond for everyone she meets and knows. Recently our friend was diagnosed with Covid 19 and she monitors him daily to make sure he is moving in the right direction of getting better. She constantly is checking in with her friends and helping in whatever way she possibly can!