Holden, the boy that just keeps giving

Holden - COVID19 Hero Awards

The boy that just keeps giving

18 year old Holden Justin a senior at the high school R.C. Marhar does one heartwarming thing. This man makes the most colorful and artistic drawings you have ever seen if you don’t believe me see it for yourself. He has made 89 drawings this year and he doesn’t want to stop until every firefighter, police, verteran,ect. has a 100% free drawing. Holdens feels like his drawings are trash; he has even ripped some of them up. I’m reaching out to you to see if you can share this to your family,friends,social media, ect. I keep telling him over and over and over again that his drawings have made many people happy but from others he has been getting the opposite like and i quote this “Your drawings are terrible!” or “You should just stop!” and when i hear those comments towards him it hurts my heart. So please let’s show this amazing boy that is doing something amazing and keep him going. I asked him personally what his one christmas wish was and he told me it was to get his story shared. Here are some pictures of his drawings and one of him and a link to his facebook page.